About Company


ALTA Spare Parts and Mold Industry Trade Inc., which entered the industrial world in 2003, is located in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone with a total area of ​​21,500 m², of which 9,000 m² is covered area, and approximately 260 employees. The company engages in sheet metal production, welding and assembly lines, wire and pipe bending, mold manufacturing, and design activities, providing services to the automotive industry.

  • Sheet metal and metal forming, mold design, and production
  • Part, sub-system, and system production through metal shaping (sheet, wire, pipe, profile) and joining (welding, riveting, assembly, etc.) processes.
  • Metal coating and painting processes
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Our Mission

At ALTA, we are known for our commitment to high-quality standards and customer satisfaction. As a company specializing in production and design, our goal is to provide tailored solutions to our customers' specific needs, establish an exemplary position in the industry, and contribute to the success of our business partners.

Our Vision

We aim to be a leading company in the field of sheet metal, wire, pipe forming, and welded assemblies, especially in the automotive sector in Turkey. We strive to solidify our leadership in the industry by continuously offering evolving and innovative solutions to our customers.

Our Quality Certifications

ALTA is a certified company with ISO/TS 16949, TS 14001, and Ford Q1 certifications. We implement inspection procedures at every step of the production process to ensure high-quality standards.