Quality Policy

Based on International Quality Management Systems and Customer Specific Requirements;

Work to ensure customer trust by providing suitable quality, price, and delivery performance.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, taking into account risks and opportunities, to compete at an international level.

Embrace and promote the principle of continuous improvement in all processes, in collaboration with our employees and all other stakeholders, to be able to compete internationally.

Strive to develop our employees and other stakeholders in line with a customer-focused strategic management model.

Maintain the continuity of our system as a team that respects our environment and society, prioritizing societal values through the production we do.

Environmental Policy

Act in accordance with environmental compliance obligations and customer environmental requests during our activities.

Prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste, and ensure efficient use of resources without creating environmental pollution.

Leave a livable environment and usable natural resources for future generations.

Educate our employees and other stakeholders to develop environmentally conscious and responsible behavior in their work.

Maintain continuous communication with our employees and all other relevant parties to raise awareness of the environment.

Commit to complying with environmental management system standards and continuously improving their effectiveness along with all our employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Plan and maintain occupational health and safety activities adopted and implemented by all our employees and other stakeholders, which can be audited, monitored, and continuously improved.

Ensure the identification of all occupational health and safety hazards, assess risks, and take control measures to reduce risks and fulfill all legal and other obligations.

Ensure that all of our systems and practices comply with current laws, regulations, and continuously improve them.

Plan and implement activities to reach a working environment where work accidents are '0', accidents that may cause work accidents are analyzed and continuously reduced.

Commit to raising awareness and competence levels by planning and supporting training and activities to increase the awareness of occupational health and safety for all our employees and other stakeholders.

Information Security Policy

In order to manage any risks that may affect the continuity of business and the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information assets;

Establish, operate, and continuously improve a management system in compliance with Information Security Management System Standards.

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of corporate information.

Protect our information assets from potential threats and hazards or minimize their impact.

Raise awareness of information security among our employees and other stakeholders to minimize incidents that may endanger information security.

Establish a dynamic structure to adapt to developments and changes in information technologies.

Comply with all legal regulations related to information security.

Take the necessary managerial and technological measures to ensure information security, and thus, with all our employees, ensure the continuity of information security and fulfill all requirements to achieve this purpose.